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RTO Program

  • Flexible Payment Schedules. We can set up payments to be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly. You have the flexibility to make your payment when you get paid.
  • No Credit Check. We do not pull credit and are not concerned about a low credit score. Our approval process is based on a willingness and capability of making future rental payments. Apply online now!
  • Early Purchase Option. If you choose to pay your account out before the prescribed number of rental payments, we will give you a lump sum discount. 
  • 120 Days Same As Cash Option. You have the option to pay out your account in the first 120 days at the original cash value of the merchandise.
  • Free Delivery, Assembly, and Setup. In most cases we can provide same, or next day delivery!
  • Free Service. During the time your rental agreement is active, if your merchandise breaks or malfunctions through no fault of your own, we will repair it at no charge.
  • Service Loaner Program. If you have a service problem with your merchandise that needs to be repaired, we will loan you an item from our inventory at no charge until yours is repaired and re-delivered.
  • No Obligation to Pay. If you decide for any reason that you are not satisfied with the product or are not able to make the rental payments, you can return the merchandise and will not be held responsible for any future rental payments, as long as the merchandise is in good repair.
  • Hold Program. If you are unable to make a rental payment, we can pick up the merchandise and place your account on hold for up to 30 days. As soon as you are able to make the payment, we will re-deliver the merchandise and you can pick up on your payments where you left off.
  • Relocation Program. If you move within 30 miles of the store's location, we will pick up the merchandise and move it to your new address for you.
  • Special Orders Program. You have the ability to pick exactly what product you want, and we will special order it for you. Your merchandise selection is not limited to our showroom floor.